Property Insurance Claims

Homeowners and Business Owners know the risk of owning property, and the devastation that comes when a disaster strikes. For most, owning property is their largest investment, and in order to protect that investment they buy property insurance. With that decision comes a certain level of trust that the insurance company will follow through with its promises. The trust that the insurance company will pay to repair the damaged property, and get your life back underway. Your insurance company owes you a duty to treat you fairly, to adjust your claim in a timely manner, and to make reasonable settlement offers.

Too often, insurance companies and its adjusters ignore these duties and look out for their own interests and profits. Insurance is big business and the process of recovering benefits can be lengthy, exhausting and overwhelming. There are many reasons why a dispute might arise with your insurance company, even if they do not deny your claim. An insurance policy is a complex document and it is a home or business owner’s responsibility to know their obligations and responsibilities when submitting a claim. One misstep, and you run the risk of recovering nothing.

Rest assured that your insurance carrier has professional adjusters and attorneys working on their side, and so should you. Our property insurance lawyers have spent their entire careers litigating property insurance claims, and have the experience to help you recover the benefits your are entitled. On a regular basis, we are in court fighting for our clients whose property has been damaged by a hurricane, plumbing leak, roof leak, fire, theft or vandalism.

For most cases, there are no up front or out of pocket charges. If we successfully recover insurance benefits for your claim, the law allows us to recover our attorney’s fees from your insurance company. If your insurance company has denied, delayed or undervalued your claim, please call us at 305-377-3770, or email us.

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